Computer repair shops vs Onsite Repair

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Why hire onsite computer services vs going to a repair shop

Computer repair is a headache that no one should have to face; however, it is a common problem with the influence of the internet and possible viruses lingering the world wide web. Luckily, there are places you can go to or call toll-free to receive care for your laptop or PC. However, it’s important to understand the necessity of fixing a problematic PC; often times, problematic devices will be expensive to repair and a headache on the owner. If you’re in need of computer repair and are unsure of how to go about receiving the care you need, you have to consider between your options: onsite computer services or going to a repair shop. Between onsite computer services or going to a repair shop, which is the better option to meet your PC repair needs?

The problem with repair shops is that they hold a lot of concern with their technicians and placement. Repair shops are not always located in convenient places and charge far more for their services than necessary. Often times, these repair shops can only fix so much and give an estimate based on a short lookover of your problems. These repair shops even charge extra for service fees and may not have hired certified or licensed repair technicians to tackle the problem you need fixed. In case of a strong storm, it would be unwise to unplug a computer and travel in dangerous weather – putting you and your PC in harm’s way – just to find out your problem may or may not be fixed by a shady tech service.

By calling an onsite computer repair service like TechsonDuty of long island, you guarantee a certified technician at your doorstep. Repair shops don’t offer remote repairs like onsite computer services do; Long Island Computer Repairs can offer local PC and laptop repair services, as well as data transfer and back up, in case your system is too far gone and it may risk your important files to fix. LI Computer Repairs can also perform system restore/upgrades, networking fixes, virus detection and spyware removal, as well as installations of necessary software or hardware to improve the efficiency of your computer. LI Computer Repairs can also repair mobile devices.

While repair shops are easy to find and may be owned by reliable corporations, it isn’t a guarantee that they can fix your PC problems. Not all repairs are guaranteed; however, certified technicians will certainly attempt every possible method to make sure your electronics are in perfect, working condition. Long Island Computer Repair even offers free laptop inspections and estimates before you decide. LICR even offers to have your PC sent in from abroad to be fixed and shipped back to you.



Many years ago when a computer crashed, started running slowly, caught a virus, or lost data, the only recourse you had was to unplug your computer and “take it down to the shop” for repair. Sure, on-site computer repair has been around for some time, but in those days it was extremely expensive for someone come out to your home or business to look over your computer systems. The level of experience necessary for a computer repair technician to perform on-site support is high, and as a result that advanced level of support was only available to companies with large budgets. Each on-site technical worker must be an expert to survive the cutting-edge rigors of working with multiple hardware and software configurations each day. High hourly rates for computer experts allowed physically established computer repair stores to thrive for many years. They could hire one expert, and then employ a large group of less experienced staff for cheap who would work with the expert to learn how to fix the computers that came into the store.

Unfortunately, low prices did not always equate to convenience. The disadvantages to you are high when your only option is to drop a broken computer off somewhere down the road. Forced to crawl around under a desk unplugging cables, hoping that you can remember the correct sequence of cables to plug back in you finally get your computer back is no fun. If you make it past that step without being electrocuted, the next task is to haul the dusty computer and maybe monitor or other accessories out into the heat, rain, wind, or whatever weather we were having that day. Finally, the worst part, handing over all of your sensitive information to the stranger at the counter of the computer repair shop. Do you know the owner or person working at the counter? Great, but do you also know the other people working in the back room? Do they really even care about you or your data? Is your information safe? Just what ARE they doing back there with your stuff after you leave? Will they fix this problem only for you to discover more computer issues once you hook everything back up?

Things have changed considerably over the past five years, all for the better. These days, it’s more affordable for you to have your computer systems serviced on-site in your home or business. The hourly rate for experienced computer repair technicians has come down considerably, changing the playing field between on-site and in-store support companies. What used to be the biggest advantage for the brick and mortar computer store, physical presence, has actually turned into it’s greatest liability. The large operating costs of leasing a physical storefront have made it impossible for old style computer repair firms to compete. As a result of increased operating costs, lease, electricity and other limiting factors, physical computer repair shops are forced to charge more for computer repair services just to cover unnecessary overhead. Efficient on-site computer repair firms avoid these overheads, operating remotely, covering larger areas, and are able to pass the savings on directly to you, the customer. As a result of lower prices, more and more people are realizing the immense advantages to on-site repair, which go far beyond the ability to save money.

A client of ours recently left us a testimonial that sums up the experience quite nicely, “I liked your service, because right away I felt like my PC technician was a friend. He explained everything to me and answered all of my questions.” That is the level of customer service that a physical computer repair shop cannot match. Beyond simply fixing the problem, a technician in your home or business is a real person that is available to answer questions, explain to you what is wrong, and work with you – not just to fix one problem, but several problems all on the same visit. When your original problem is fixed, you’ll probably have time to fix three or four more problems that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about had your computer been in a back room somewhere else. When you encounter a preventable problem, such as a computer virus, a live person there to assist you can not only help you remove it, they can offer expert training and advice on ways to protect yourself in the future. 95% of computer issues most people have can be fixed right there, on-site. In the rare instance that a more time-consuming repair is necessary, the technician already has everything taken apart for you and can take the necessary parts to a central repair facility for you, bringing back the repaired parts once complete. All the while, freeing up your time and allowing you to work on other things. More importantly, your ability to interact face to face with your computer repair technician gives you the advantage of knowing exactly WHO is working on your computer and whether or not you should trust them with your important pictures, business accounting information, emails and passwords.

Everyone likes to save money, and given the opportunity, 9 out of 10 will go with the less expensive option. It’s nice that the tables have turned to favor the customer, making it possible for everyone to experience better computer repair service without extra work or hassles, and at prices those large computer stores just can’t beat.