Malverne Computer Repair, Network Support Services

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Malverne Computer Support, Network Repair Services

Malverne Computer Repair, Network Support Services

TechsonDuty offers a variety of on-site Malverne  Computer Repair, Network Support services.  Let us come to you in the convenience of your home or business. Our computer experts will have your system backup up in running no time.  We are fast and get the job done right.  Give us a call today 516-360-0757


Malverne Laptop Computer Support

As your computer ages, regular computer repair and maintenance should be considered an integral part to owning a computer. While much of your computer consists of non-moving parts, there are important pieces that may require you to seek computer repairs regularly. A computer repair center can diagnose many of the problems you are experiencing, identify whether the problem is due to software or hardware, and perform the repairs necessary to extend the life of your computer.

Malverne Laptop Repair

Due to their nature, laptop computer may require repairs more often than their desktop bound counterparts. If you travel often, laptop repair may be necessary to repair or replace components that were damaged during your travels. Regular laptop service can also identify ailing parts before they fail completely, saving you the hassle of having to restore data, or go without a computer due to a failed battery.

PC Repair Malverne

There are a number of reasons to seek out pc repair and upgrade, such as: better performance, more features, or saving money. During your pc hardware repair, it may be necessary to replace parts due to availibility of the original part, or you may just want to improve your computer. Either way, a PC repair business can help you get your computer working the way you need it to! Give us a call today 516-360-0757

Hardware Repairs

 There are plenty of physical parts on a computer that can fail.  We can not only get the parts replaced, we can do it at the lowest possible price!  Looking to boost your computer speed with some new hardware, but not sure what to get or how to do it?

Computer malfunctions can range from a minor setting that is incorrect, to spyware, viruses, and as far as replacing hardware or an entire operating system. We provide on-site services usually at an hourly rate, and we can provide services off-site, . Some have pickup and drop off/pick-up services for your convenience. We also try to take back old equipment for recycling (In the EU, this is required under WEEE rules).

Laptop Hinge Repair and Broken Laptop Hinges

How can you tell if your hinges are going bad? There are many telltale signs when opening and closing the lid such as looseness, clicking or scratchy noises, and the lid may not shut correctly. Other signs are more obvious; cracked casing around the hinge area, dislocated hinges, or at worst, the lid completely detaches from the body. With the latter, of course, you can’t use your laptop in the manner it was designed or not at all. broken laptop hinge and broken laptop screen Stresses resulting in hinge failure can be caused from simple daily use over long periods of time, blunt-force trauma such as being dropped, overly aggressive handling of the lid, manufacturing defects in the design, and long-term heat exposure from internal components causing plastic parts to become brittle. If the laptop case or lid case becomes cracked, it must be replaced since repairing plastic cracks are impractical. Broken metal hinges can be replaced with new metal hinges. With older laptops, it is often not possible to purchase new case parts. Fortunately, there are practical and economic alternatives such as used parts. Many laptop cases and hinge parts can be purchased from $20 – $50, and some laptop part suppliers are right here in Long Island. Newer laptops may still have valid warranties that cover premature hinge failure. You should always consult with your warranty provider before seeking repairs from computer repair shops. Many warranties are voided once the unit is disassembled.


Laptop Keyboard Replacement s in Malverne

Had a major spill? Keyboard typing all caps? Do you have sticky keys? Some keys not working at all? It might be time for a new keyboard. Don’t let a bad keyboard ruin your day.

There’s nothing more frustrating than to have a keyboard that doesn’t work correctly. Unlike a desktop computer, you can’t just run to Walmart and pick up a new one. Laptop keyboards are “built-in” and not always easy to replace. We don’t want to even get started on key replacement. One key can cost $10! At TechsonDuty we replace laptop keyboards quickly and efficiently. Call now for an over the phone quote for your replacement keyboards today, we also replace  MacBooks, and prices include the labor on replacing the keyboard and the laptop keyboard as well.


Laptop DC Jack Replacements & Repairs in Malverne

Laptop Charging Port Fix in Long Island so you can’t turn on your laptop, the power cord does not work anymore, and, of course, the battery won’t charge either. Even worse, like many folks, your laptop battery is bad or has no battery at all and plugging in with the power cord is the only way to keep your laptop running. No matter how the charging port was damaged, you just need your laptop back.


We get it! It happens, and it’s never a good time. The great news is – we can quickly fix that bad charging port and get your laptop running again!


Fixing a charging port is like changing a tire on your car. Some disassemble is required. Fortunately, our technicians do this kind of repair all the time. Depending on your laptop model, repairs could take longer if parts have to be ordered. Most importantly, our goal is to have you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

 Do you have a problem with the backlight on your laptop? If yes, you are not alone, that’s one of the most common laptop problems. In most cases the screen inverter is the culprit. Here are some LCD screen backlight failure symptoms that could be related to a bad inverter board: Laptop boots as usual but after some time the screen blacks out. You still can see an image on the screen but it’s very dim. You might even use a flashlight to see it better. Sometimes the backlight comes back for a while but then goes off again. In some cases you can turn the backlight on if you tap rapidly on the lid close switch.The screen always stay black and the backlight never comes on but you still can make out an image on the LCD. It’s dark, but the image is still there.

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing: How to Fix Your Frozen Computer

There are many reasons why computer freeze blue screen or just stop working.  At Techsonduty we can help not only diagnose the problem but fix it as well.  We have the right knowledge and experience to tackle these problems.

Diagnosing a Frozen Computer Malverne NY

A frozen computer is one that is completely unresponsive and basically unusable.  This can range from hardware problems to software problems.  We need to care carefully take a step by step process of elimination approach.

Finding the Cause of the Crash How to fix a computer crash

Why is my computer crashing, how to fix a computer crash. First thing what kind of crash is it? Does the computer blue screen? Does the computer reboot on its own? Does the computer memory dump? Is the computer lockup but remain on? All of these scenarios need to be taken into effect in order to find the cause.


Computer Overheating Malverne

Overheating one of the most common problem to plague computers and laptops.  Dust is a computers worst enemy.  Dust and poor air circulation is a perfect recipe for overheating.  Overheating can very much cause computer freezes, lockups, and crashes.

Problems with Software

Software always plays a major role in computer problems.  Whether it’s 3rd Party software related or device driver it can reap havoc.  Not having the properly installed device drivers or incorrectly installing software can cause major computer issues. Also, malicious virus codes of course can also modify the performance of any operating system and cause it to crash.

Onsite Computer Repair Services Malverne

Virus Removal   Spyware Removal

Adware Removal   Pop-up’s

Program Errors    Slow Start-ups

Driver Conflicts   Sudden Freezing

Installation of Programs Uninstall Programs

Blue Screen   No Sound Audio Issues

   Supported Computer Manufacturers

ABS                  AOpen             Acer                 Aeoncraft

Ajump     Alienware      Amax       Asus    Averatec

ChemUSA    Cisnet   Compaq   CyberPower  Dell Enano

Eurocom Everex  Fujitsu Gateway HP Lenovo Micro Express

MPC Panasonic Powerspec  Shuttle Sharp Sony Sys Technology

Systemax Tangent Toshiba Velocity Micro Voodoo War Machine

Xi  eMachines


MACINTOSH Supported                    Windows Suppported

Mac OS X Public Beta                           Windows XP

Mac OS X 10.0 (Cheetah)                          Windows Vista

OS X 10.1 (Puma)                                             Windows 2000

Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)                                   Windows 98

Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)                                  Windows 2003

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)                                         Windows NT

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)                                   Windows ME

Mac OS 9                                                                  Windows CE

Max OS X                                                              Windows 95

Malverne|Apple | Mac | Macintosh | Repairs

Macbook, Apple, Imac Repairs in Long island


Mac Repairs & Upgrades in Long Island

Easy and convenient  Mac repair and upgrade services at Techsonduty of Long Island. All work is performed by experienced technicians. We offer Mac services that Apple stores don’t such as data recovery, out of warranty repairs, and most iMac & MacBook Pro LCD & Glass screen replacements.

Quality Work, Low Prices
Fast Turnaround
No Appointment Necessary
Questions, Pricing 516-360-0757 TechsonDuty


We fix all types Mac OS X and hardware problems.

Start-up Problems
System Running Slow / Freezing
OS X Installation and Upgrades
Some MacBook Pro LCD / Glass Screen Repairs
Some iMac Display Glass Repair
Hard Drive and Memory Upgrades
Mac Battery Replacements
Superdrive / Combo Drives
Case, Keyboard, and Track Pad Repair
We only use genuine Apple® service parts when repairing your Mac.


Malverne Virus | Spyware | Removal | Computer

Virus Removal Long Island

Long Island Virus spyware removal


When your computer has a Virus, Malware, Spyware, Hijack or some other type of trojan virus, you will inevitably find yourself in a frustrating situation. You might be unable to use your computer at all, or your computer may just slow down considerably. Some viruses even steal your information and send out emails and other messages to the contacts in your personal account. If your computer has spyware or a virus, you might not even be able to install a new Anti-Virus program. The  virus or spyware may freeze your whole computer up. We at techsonduty are a staff of certified experts who are here to help you remove viruses, malware, spyware, and other security threats from your computer, and make sure you don’t have the problem come up again. Our virus removal experts will do the following:

  • Scan your computer and determine if it has been infected by viruses or spyware
  • Locate viruses and Trojans present on your computer
  • Remove any and all viruses, spyware/malware
  • Manually perform repairs to your computer registry (this will allow us to install a reliable Anti-Virus program for you)
  • Install Anti-Virus program
  • Perform updates on your Operating System and major Software apps
  • Configure your Anti-Virus and Spyware removal tool
  • Run your first Anti-Virus Spyware removal program scan
  • Clean the computer


HP Pavilion (computer)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Notebooks   HP Pavilion dv2500se HP produces eight notebook models: HP Pavilion, 2 under HDX, 4 under HP Mini, 1 under TouchSmart, 3 under G series, and 1 under Compaq Presario. These are customizable in the US only. A variety of different models with different setups are available in other countries.   Current notebook models[edit] 17.3 inch : ENVY 17 3D / ENVY 17 / dv7t / G72t / g7 15.6 inch : Compaq CQ62z, / HDX16t / dv6t / dv6z / G62t / G62m / g6 / m6 / 15-p077tx / 15-p001tx / 15-p073tx / 15-p045tx / 15-p085tx / 15-r022tx / 15-r014tx / 15-r022tx / 15-d103tx 14.5 inch : ENVY 14 14.1 inch : dv4tse / dv4t 14.0 inch : dm4t / dm4x / G4t 13.3 inch : dm3t /[not(working)(special)features] Voodoo Envy 133 12.1 inch : tm2t 11.6 inch : dm1z 10.1 inch : HP Mini 210 / HP Mini 110 Mi / HP Mini 110 XP / / Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Previous notebook models[edit] 20.1 inch : HDX9000 18.4 inch : HDX18t / dv8t 17.0 inch : dv7 / g70t / dv9000 / dv8000 / zd8000 / zd7000 / dv9700 15.6 inch : Compaq CQ60 / dv6zae (Artist Edition 2) / G60t 15.4 inch : dv5 / dv6500tse (Special Edition) / dv6000 / dv5000 / dv4000 / zv6000 / zv5000 / zx5000 / ze5000 / ze4000 / zt3000 15.0 inch : ze2000 / ze1000 / zt1000 14.3 inch : HP Pavilion dv 1658 14.1 inch : dv4z / dv2800tae (Artist Edition) / dv2500tse (Special Edition) / dv2000 / dv1000 13.3 inch : dv3t / dv3z / dv3500t 12.1 inch : / TouchSmart tx2z / dv2z / tx1000z tablet PC / tx2000z Tablet PC / tx2500z Tablet PC 10.1 inch : Mini 1000 Mi / Mini 1000 XP / Mini 1000 Mobile Broadband Wireless 8.9 inch : Mini 1000 Mi / Mini 1000 XP / Mini 1000 Mobile Broadband Wireless wm : Walmart Model dx : Best Buy Model The HP Pavilion HDX is only sold with Intel processors, but it doesn’t end with the suffix “t”. It has no suffix.   The HP Pavilion tx tablet PC series are currently sold with AMD processors only, but they still end with the suffix “z”.   HP Imprint[edit] The HP Imprint notebook finish is a high-gloss developed in cooperation with Nissha Printing Co. (Japan). This was used for the following models:   HP Imprint   Wave : dv9000 / dv6000 / dv2000 / tx1000 Digi Code : Compaq v3000 Radiance : dv9700 / dv9500 / dv6700 / dv6500 / dv2700 / dv2500 Trace : Compaq V6700TX Influx : dv6700tse / dv6500tse / dv2842se Dragon : HDX9000 Verve : dv2700tse Echo : tx2000z / tx2500z Thrive : dv6800tse Artist Edition : dv2800tae / dv2890nr / dv2990nr HP Imprint 2   Meshy: dv7 / dv6 / dv5 / dv4 / dv3000 Unity: Compaq CQ20 Glossy Black Finish: Compaq CQ70 / Compaq CQ50 / Compaq CQ40 Fluid: HDX18t / HDX16t Intensity: dv4tse Renewal: dv5tse Intersect: dv7 / dv5 / dv4 / dv3500 / dv3 Swirl: HP Mini 1000 Mi / HP Mini 1000 XP / HP Mini 1000 Mobile Broadband Wireless Peony: HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Reaction: HP TouchSmart tx2z Moonlight: dv7 / dv4 / dv2z / dv6 Espresso: dv7 / dv4 / dv2z / dv6 Notebook artwork competitions[edit] HP held a contest in conjunction with MTV to help design a special edition HP notebook case artwork. The contest went from September 5, 2007 to October 17, 2007 and over 8,500 designs from 112 countries were submitted. “Asian Odyssey” by João Oliveira of Porto, Portugal, was chosen as the winner of the competition and featured on the HP dv2800tae Series Notebook.[3][4] In another competition, “Engine Room”, a design by Hisako Sakihama, from Japan was chosen to appear on a HP notebook.[5]   Specialized features HP developed Linux based software which could be booted quickly ( 12s ) to play music or DVDs called QuickPlay for the dv series of notebooks, quickplay also incorporated multimedia features, such as pause playback from the included remote control, within Windows. Later versions that shipped with Vista did not have the boot option but retained the multimedia features.[6]   QuickPlay software has been discontinued by HP will be replaced with HP MediaSmart Software that will be installed on all HP Desktops and Notebooks from 2009 onwards.   Overheating issues Many notebook owners experience hardware failure in various Pavilion models due to overheating. The first symptom is usually a disappearing Wi-Fi. Later failure of the graphics system and booting problems. HP does acknowledge this as a “hardware issue with certain HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000” notebooks, which is eligible for free repair.[7] Other users recommend a “resoldering” of the nVidia GPU on the motherboard.   In 2009, HP had to recall over 70,000 batteries that were defective as a result of overheating.[8] Desktops HP offers about 30 customizable desktops; of these, 5 are standard HP Pavilion, 4 are Slimline, 6 are High Performance Edition (HPE), 5 are “Phoenix” HPE Gaming editions*, 5 are Touchsmart, and 5 are All-In-One.   Current desktop models[edit] HP Pavilion : p7m, p7z, p7t, p7xt, p7qe HP Pavilion Slimline : s5m, s5t, s5z, s5xt HP Pavilion HPE (High Performance Edition) : h8m, h8t, h8z, h8xt, h8qe, h8se HP Pavilion HPE (High Performance Edition) Phoenix (Gaming): h9-1100z, h9-1120t, hp-1150t, h9-1170t, h9-1135, h9-1200ex *(not customizable) HP Touchsmart PC : 310z, 610z, 610t, 610xt, 610 Quad HP Omni Series (All-In-One) : 100z, 100t, 200t, 200xt, 200 Quad Past desktop models[edit] (Note that this is not a complete list, but a list of more recent models.)   HP Pavilion : a255c, a6560t, a6560z, a6510t, a6500z, a6460t, a6450z, a6410t, a6400z, a6250z, a6250t, a6210z, a6205t, a6200t, a6600z, a6610t, a6660t, a6660z, a6700z, a6750f, p6300z, p6310t, p6350z, p6370t, p6380t a000 series – Panther / Jaguar a1000 series – Mojave / Gobi a6000 series – Venus HP Pavilion Slimline : s3600t, s3600z, s3500t, s3500z, s3400t, s3400z, s3200t, s3200z, s3700f, s3700z, s3710t, s3750t, s5305z, s5310t, s5350z, s5370t, s5380t, s5730f HP Pavilion Media Center : a1600n, m8300, m8100y, m8200n HP Pavilion Elite/HPE : m9350f, m9300t, m9300z, m9200t, m9200z, m9000t, m9000z, d5000z, d5000t, d5100t, m9400t, m9400z, d5200t, e9300z, HPE 110t, HPE 150t, HPE 170t, HPE 180t, HPE 190t HP Pavilion Ultimate : d4999t, d4999z HP Touchsmart : iq770t, iq772t, IQ504t, IQ506t, IQ804t, 300z, 600t, 600xt, 600 Quad HP Pavilion All In One/Omni : MS220z, 200t

DELL Laptop Models and Repairs

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Exx30 Models

  • E6530: 15.6″ Mainstream (Core i5/i7)
  • E6430: 14.0″ (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E6440: 14.0″ (Core i5/i7)
  • E4200: 12.1″ Ultraportable (Core2Duo ULV)
  • 2120: 10.1″ Rubberized Netbook (Atom N455/550)
  • 13 13.3″ Ultra-Thin and Light (Core2Duo)
  • XT3: 13.1″ Convertible Touch Tablet & Pen (Core i3/i5/i7)

Exx20 Models

  • E6520: 15.6″ Mainstream (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E6420: 14.0″ Mainstream (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E6320: 13.3″ Ultraportable (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E6220: 12.5″ Ultraportable (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E5520: 15.6″ Essential (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E5420: 14.0″ Essential (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E5520m: 15.6″ Value (Core2Duo)
  • E5420m: 14.0″ Value (Core2Duo)
  • E6420 ATG: 14.1″ Semi-Rugged (Core i5/i7)

Exx10 Models

  • E6410 ATG: 14.1″ Semi-Rugged (Core i5/i7)
  • E6400 XFR: 14.1″ Fully Rugged (Core2Duo)

Previous Models

  • E5400: 14.1″ Essential (Core 2)
  • E5410: 14.1″ Essential (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E5500: 15.4″ Essential (Core 2)
  • E5510: 15.6″ Essential (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E6400: 14.1″ Mainstream (Core 2)
  • E6410: 14.1″ Mainstream (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E6500: 15.4″ Mainstream (Core 2)
  • E6510: 15.6″ Mainstream (Core i3/i5/i7)
  • E4300: 13.3″ Ultraportable
  • E4310: 13.3″ Ultraportable (Core i5)
  • E6400 ATG: 14.1″ Semi-Rugged (Core 2)
  • XT2: 12.1″ Convertible Touch Tablet & Pen (Core2Duo ULV)
  • XT2 XFR: 12.1″ Convertible Touch Tablet & Pen – Fully Rugged (Core2Duo ULV)
  • 2100 10.1″ Netbook
  • 2110 10.1″ Netbook
  • Z 16.0″ Thin and Light


Long Island Computer Repair locations:

Nassau County NY Computer repair
Town of Hempstead computer repair: Baldwin computer repair, Bellmore computer repair, Elmont computer repair, East Meadow computer repair , East Rockaway computer repair, Franklin Square computer repair, Floral Park, Freeport, Garden City, Hewlett computer repair, Island Park, Levittown, Lynbrook computer repair, Merrick, New Hyde Park, Oceanside computer repair, Rockville Centre computer repair, Seaford, Uniondale, Wantagh, Westbury computer repair,Valley StreamTown of North Hempstead computer repair: Great Neck, Lake Success computer repair, Manhasset, Mineola, Plandome, Port Washington, Roslyn, Saddle Rock, Sands Point, Searingtown, Williston Park. Town of Oyster Bay computer repair: Bayville, Bethpage, Brookville, Centre Island, Cold Springs Harbor, Glen Cove, Farmingdale, Hicksville,Jericho, Locust Valley computer repair, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Mill Neck, Muttontown, Oyster Bay, Plainview, Plainedge, Sea Cliff, Syosset, Woodbury
City of Long Beach computer repair:

Motherboard diagnostic and replacements

Malverne Computer Support, Network Repair Services

Hardware repair

While computer hardware configuration varies widely, a repair technician will work with five general categories of hardware; desktop computers, laptops, servers, computer clusters, and smartphones / mobile computing. Technicians also work with and occasionally repair a range of peripherals, including input devices (like keyboards, mice, and scanners),output devices (like displays, printers, and speakers), and data storage devices such as internal and external hard drives and disk arrays. Technicians involved in system administration might also work with networking hardware, including routers, switches, fiber optics, and wireless networks.

Malverne Computer Support, Network Repair Services

laptop overheating repairs



How to Install a Power Supply

If a computer won’t start or computer diagnostic software indicates that the power supply is problematic, installing a new power supply may be your only option. Fortunately, this is one of the easier computer repair tasks to do. Plus, since the problem originates in the power supply, data loss isn’t likely. Similarly, if you are building a new computer, you’ll need to install all of its components including the power supply. In either case, the steps are primarily the same with the main difference being the removal of the old power supply in an existing system.

If you’ve previously used computer hardware diagnostics tools to inventory your system and have a printout handy, take that along to the computer repair store so that you can select the right power supply for your system. If you don’t have a printout, the computer technician should be able to help you select a compatible component.

Because you’ll be dealing with an electrical component, following all safety precautions is necessary. Make sure that the computer is completely unplugged from its power source. If you’re working on an existing system, your original power supply could retain a charge even if it’s not plugged in, so treat it with care.

After disconnecting the power, remove all jewelry and gather your tools. Unscrew the screws holding the case together and carefully remove the case. Place the screws in a safe location. Find the existing power supply and unbolt it as well as disconnect the cables attached to the motherboard and other devices. Slide the power supply out of the unit.

To install the new power supply, you’ll want to first look at the back of the power supply unit to make sure its voltage switch is in the correct position for your country. Once the voltage switch is confirmed to be in the correct position, slide the unit into position and attach the cables to the motherboard and other devices such as CD-ROM drives. If you overlook an internal device, it won’t have power and will not run, so make sure to pay close attention to all of the devices inside your system. Once all of the power connections have been made, align the unit in the mounting bracket so that you can bolt it into place.

Reassemble the computer case, plug in the system, and power on your computer. You can test individual components to make sure that they’re receiving power or you can use computer diagnostic software to run a quick system-wide hardware test. If the system passes all of the computer hardware diagnostics tests, then your installation is complete. While it’s not necessary to use computer diagnostic software as a final step, it’s useful for making sure that your installation was a complete success.

Repairing your laptop computer doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. There are countless things you can do right away that get help your laptop computer get back up and running in no time at all. Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you with your next laptop computer repair situation occurs.

First, take a look at the environment you are doing your laptop computer repair in. Static electricity is, believe it or not, the enemy here. You want to work in an environment that is free of static electricity before you start opening up any parts of your laptop computer. (In other words, don’t open up your laptop while on a carpet, etc.)

Next, just like anything else in computer repair, you want to be sure you backup your files so as to not lose them.

Always remember that when it comes to laptop computer repair:

  • Don’t disassemble any laptop if it doesn’t need to.
  • Be sure you’re using the right tools.
  • Stay away from anything that can cause static electricity.
  • Test the laptop properly beforehand.
  • Keep any parts you remove in a safe place.
  • Keep the screws with the parts they have been taken from.
  • Put the right size screws back into parts when it’s time to reassemble it.
  • Observe how connectors work before disconnecting them.
  • Make notes for yourself if you need to as you pull apart the machine.
  • Most importantly, don’t rush through it. You never want to skip steps.

Are you ready to take part in your own laptop computer repair? If you follow these hints above you’ll be sure to get off to a great start.

 Leave it up to Techsonduty!  Give us a call at 516-360-0757.

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