Network Cabling Common Question & Answers – Long Island

Why kind of wiring do I need to connect all my computers?

Typically we use Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat6 for cabling projects.  This will meet most requirements for businesses as well as home networks.


What is the best network cable to use?

Depends on your network and what you are looking to accomplish.  For most modern network installations Cat 6 or Cat 6e is used and will work.  However over the last few years Cat 6A and Cat7 are becoming popular.  This will provide higher bandwidth leading to faster speed transfers.  The cost is a lot higher than Cat 6 and installation is a bit tougher.


How long does a network cabling installation take?

Depends on how many data and voice drops you are looking to run.   Typically a 30 -50 line network installation project can take about 2 days.


What is the advantage of networking cable?

The main advantage is a direct constant stable connection for devices allowing them to communicate.


What is involved in a network wiring installation?

Physically running data lines to each preferred location back to the wiring closet rack mount.  Each network drop is terminated, wall plated, labeled, and tested to ensure line is 100% functional.


How do I know if I need cable wires installed?

Most of our clients usually opened a new business, office space, home network, or need relocate to a new building that requires network wiring.  Most devices such as VOIP phones down to wireless access points use network cables.