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Do you live in Wantagh? Are you looking for Wantagh Computer Repair | Wantagh Laptop Repair – 516-360-0757 call TechsonDuty right now! We offers expert onsite computer services at your door.  We do pickup and drop off services in Nassau county and across Long Island. Let us come to you in the convenience of your home or business.  Let us pick your system and have it back to you in no time.  Techsonduty computer repair vs best buy computer repair is not comparison. We are a lot cheaper and better skilled to deal with a multitude of IT services.  We specialize in Residential and small business computer services.

Wantagh Computer Repair | Wantagh Laptop Repair | IT Services for business

As your computer ages, regular computer repair and maintenance should be considered an integral part to owning a computer. While much of your computer consists of non-moving parts, there are important pieces that may require you to seek computer repairs regularly. A computer repair center can diagnose many of the problems you are experiencing, identify whether the problem is due to software or hardware, and perform the repairs necessary to extend the life of your computer.

Computer Stores near Wantagh and surrounding areas

Techsonduty is a mobile computer store that’s always nearby and ready. We keep full stock of replaceable products allowing us to get our jobs done quicker.  Most work can be done onsite whether in a home or office setting.


 LCD. It’s dark, but the image is still there.

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing: How to Fix Your Frozen Computer

There are many reasons why computer freeze blue screen or just stop working.  At Techsonduty we can help not only diagnose the problem but fix it as well.  We have the right knowledge and experience to tackle these problems.

Diagnosing a Frozen Computer Wantagh, NY

A frozen computer is one that is completely unresponsive and basically unusable.  This can range from hardware problems to software problems.  We need to care carefully take a step by step process of elimination approach.

Finding the Cause of the Crash How to fix a computer crash

Why is my computer crashing, how to fix a computer crash. First thing what kind of crash is it? Does the computer blue screen? Does the computer reboot on its own? Does the computer memory dump? Is the computer lockup but remain on? All of these scenarios need to be taken into effect in order to find the cause.


Computer Overheating long island

Overheating one of the most common problem to plague computers and laptops.  Dust is a computers worst enemy.  Dust and poor air circulation is a perfect recipe for overheating.  Overheating can very much cause computer freezes, lockups, and crashes.

Problems with Software

Software always plays a major role in computer problems.  Whether it’s 3rd Party software related or device driver it can reap havoc.  Not having the properly installed device drivers or incorrectly installing software can cause major computer issues. Also, malicious virus codes of course can also modify the performance of any operating system and cause it to crash.

Onsite Computer Repair Services in Wantagh, NY

Virus Removal   Spyware Removal

Adware Removal   Pop-up’s

Program Errors    Slow Start-ups

Driver Conflicts   Sudden Freezing

Installation of Programs Uninstall Programs

Blue Screen   No Sound Audio Issues

   Supported Computer Manufacturers

ABS                  AOpen             Acer                 Aeoncraft

Ajump     Alienware      Amax       Asus    Averatec

ChemUSA    Cisnet   Compaq   CyberPower  Dell Enano

Eurocom Everex  Fujitsu Gateway HP Lenovo Micro Express

MPC Panasonic Powerspec  Shuttle Sharp Sony Sys Technology

Systemax Tangent Toshiba Velocity Micro Voodoo War Machine

Xi  eMachines


MACINTOSH Supported                    Windows Suppported

Mac OS X Public Beta                           Windows XP

Mac OS X 10.0 (Cheetah)                          Windows Vista

OS X 10.1 (Puma)                                             Windows 2000

Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)                                   Windows 98

Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)                                  Windows 2003

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)                                         Windows NT

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)                                   Windows ME

Mac OS 9                                                                  Windows CE

Max OS X                                                              Windows 95

Wantagh Repairs for |Apple | Mac | Macintosh |

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Apple macbook, imac repairs and upgrades

Mac Repairs & Upgrades in Wantagh

Easy and convenient  Mac repair and upgrade services at Techsonduty of Long Island. All work is performed by experienced technicians. We offer Mac services that Apple stores don’t such as data recovery, out of warranty repairs, and most iMac & MacBook Pro LCD & Glass screen replacements.

Quality Work, Low Prices
Fast Turnaround
No Appointment Necessary
Questions, Pricing 516-360-0757 TechsonDuty

We fix all types Mac OS X and hardware problems.

Start-up Problems
System Running Slow / Freezing
OS X Installation and Upgrades
Some MacBook Pro LCD / Glass Screen Repairs
Some iMac Display Glass Repair
Hard Drive and Memory Upgrades
Mac Battery Replacements
Superdrive / Combo Drives
Case, Keyboard, and Track Pad Repair
We only use genuine Apple® service parts when repairing your Mac.


Wantagh Virus Removal| Spyware | Removal

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Long Island Virus spyware removal

When your computer has a Virus, Malware, Spyware, Hijack or some other type of trojan virus, you will inevitably find yourself in a frustrating situation. You might be unable to use your computer at all, or your computer may just slow down considerably. Some viruses even steal your information and send out emails and other messages to the contacts in your personal account. If your computer has spyware or a virus, you might not even be able to install a new Anti-Virus program. The  virus or spyware may freeze your whole computer up. We at techsonduty are a staff of certified experts who are here to help you remove viruses, malware, spyware, and other security threats from your computer, and make sure you don’t have the problem come up again. Our virus removal experts will do the following:

  • Scan your computer and determine if it has been infected by viruses or spyware
  • Locate viruses and Trojans present on your computer
  • Remove any and all viruses, spyware/malware
  • Manually perform repairs to your computer registry (this will allow us to install a reliable Anti-Virus program for you)
  • Install Anti-Virus program
  • Perform updates on your Operating System and major Software apps
  • Configure your Anti-Virus and Spyware removal tool
  • Run your first Anti-Virus Spyware removal program scan
  • Clean the computer



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