Network Server Installations, Support, Configure Windows Virtual Server

Server Setups, Support, Configure Installations

Are you looking to add a new server to your home or business? Techsonduty can help you select, configure, and install the right sever for you. We are experts in Network Server Installations, Support, Configure Windows Virtual Server.

Whether a business has five or five hundred PCs, they all need to communicate and share with each other: they need to be able to access shared documents, print to shared printers, access a common database or send emails, to collaborate in short. While it is possible to share data directly between PCs in an organisation, beyond a relatively low number of workstations it becomes much more efficient to employ a dedicated server for these tasks.

And what exactly is a server? A server is a computer or other hardware device that is connected to a network, runs server software and manages network resources for groups of computer users. Put simply, servers hold, manage, send and process data. They make a lot of sense for organisations with five or more staff who work collaboratively on a network and who need a central location for files, shared applications and other frequently used computing resources.


Network Server Installations, Support, Configure Windows Virtual Server

Focus Your Resources to Strategic Initiatives

We supply the dedicated people, processes and tools to optimize your network and to keep it running at peak performance to ensure that your customers are happy and employees are productive.

We provide experienced and dedicated Network Engineers and a Service Delivery Manager to support your network. We eliminate the costs of running your own network operations center and allow you to focus your internal staff on your key business initiatives.

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Managed Network Security Features

  • Network Assessment
  • Firewall with customizable rules
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Intrusion Detection Services with application intelligence to detect and prevent malicious traffic from gaining network access
  • Application control
  • Virus protection
  • Web content filtering
  • Advanced routing options
  • VPN IP SEC tunnels and remote user access
  • Secure Wi-Fi access
  • DMZ management
  • Dedicated Security Operations Center that assists real time with changes
  • Immediate updates to security when new threats emerge
  • Security log storage
  • Weekly security reporting

5 Common Networking Issues for Small Businesses

Even if you are setting up a small office network, there may be issues you did not expect. When one of your clients requires you to use a Windows terminal emulator, you could find that your existing settings are not good enough. Installing a network can go from very easy to very complicated very fast. Wireless networks make things much easier, as long as everyone is using laptops, because we don’t have to start installing dongles on all of those desktops. Here is a look at ways to avoid the common problems that often appear when small business owners install their own computer network without support.

  • Internet Speeds. You might have had enough internet speed when you were running a single computer, but now that you have a number of computers on your network, you will probably find that you do not have enough. There are a number of ways to get more out of your internet connection, such as with a free application by Google, known as Namebench, or maybe you will have to speak to your ISP. You can expect the need for more internet speed, and more of it to be available.
  •  Wifi Issues. Wifi makes creating a network much easier because you do not have the issues of all of those cables everywhere. At the same time, cable networks are more stable, and this may influence some applications, such as VOIP video calling. Wifi networks will be unstable if you do not have enough power running through your Wifi router. Potential solutions to this problem are that you can either purchase a high-powered broadcaster, or you can make sure your computers are closer to the broadcast point.
  • Security Issues. Security is always an issue when we are using computers. Now you are using a network you will need to understand this is even more of an issue. How protected are each of your computers from each other? How protected is your network? Do you know how to set levels of security and create a highly secure Wifi network? Always use Wifi security and regularly change your password.
  • Device Issues. You might find you will have issues between different computers because they are using different applications and different operating systems. Starting your small business network means you will need to get all of your computer issues in order.  Again, this is another reason to get professional help.
  • Support Issues. Computer support for small-scale business is available. There are those companies who specialize in small business and home computing and network support. For a set fee you will get a certain amount of computer repairs and assistance each month. Paying this upfront can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having them setup your network might be the best option in the first place.

Having a smooth running network is important for any business, and just because you are a small business does not mean there is not a support company to match your needs.


Managed IT Services


In today’s fast-paced business environment, network downtime is simply not an option. The costs to your business are too great – with the potential for lost productivity, lost customer service, and most importantly, lost revenue. But, ensuring around-the-clock network availability is no small feat – particularly if it falls squarely on your shoulders.


Thanks to Thrive Networks, you don’t have to do it alone.


24×7 Support for 24×7 Network Availability


Our enterprise-level services and support provide SMBs – like yours – with the resources needed to maximize network security, availability, and performance. Our proactive approach to network management helps you anticipate – and prevent – outages, providing you with the confidence that your infrastructure is up and running and protected, and will stay that way.


Our Managed IT services include:
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