Best IT Office Relocation Services in Long Island and New York State

Communication Systems

Relocating your phone system will require a bit of logistical planning. Do you need to migrate a landline to your new office? Does your company use a VoIP or cloud PBX phone system? Do you plan on keeping the same phone number?

We need to answer these questions to plan the best course of action so your customers know how to contact you after your office relocation.


@ Techsonduty we offer a broad array of IT relocation services for our clients who seek to relocate their businesses efficiently and within the timeline. These featured options create a more customizable move plan that covers many aspects involved in IT relocation.

Workstation break down and set up. Our specially-trained IT team follows a specific process to move desktop workstations, office computers, and other technological equipment to your new building safely.

Relocating data centers. Moving data centers is a challenging process that requires careful planning, execution, and possibly additional assistance post-move. We utilize our professional IT technicians to implement every step of your IT relocation process to avoid any complications in the process.

IT relocation planning and management. All of our IT moves are supervised and organized by an IT professional to provide upfront planning.

Deployment of hardware. If you are planning a new technology roll-out at your new space, our tech teams will complete setups and testing of all new equipment like phones and computing systems. This allows your team to focus on running your business and other essential tasks.

IT inventory management. We make sure every piece of your equipment goes from point A to point B without anything getting lost. We itemize and account for your technology assets before and after your IT relocation.
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Recycling of unwanted equipment. When companies move, they usually have items they want to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly way. CRS cares about sustainability and offers recycling and donation services whenever possible for any e-waste materials you might have.