How to fix a computer crash, ways to do it yourself

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Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing: How to Fix Your Frozen Computer

There are many reasons why computer freeze blue screen or just stop working.  At Techsonduty we can help not only diagnose the problem but fix it as well.  We have the right knowledge and experience to tackle these problems.

Diagnosing a Frozen Computer

A frozen computer is one that is completely unresponsive and basically unusable.  This can range from hardware problems to software problems.  We need to care carefully take a step by step process of elimination approach.


Finding the Cause of the Crash How to fix a computer crash


Why is my computer crashing, how to fix a computer crash. First thing what kind of crash is it? Does the computer blue screen? Does the computer reboot on its own? Does the computer memory dump? Is the computer lockup but remain on? All of these scenarios need to be taken into effect in order to find the cause.


Computer Overheating

Overheating one of the most common problem to plague computers and laptops.  Dust is a computers worst enemy.  Dust and poor air circulation is a perfect recipe for overheating.  Overheating can very much cause computer freezes, lockups, and crashes.


Problems with Software


Software always plays a major role in computer problems.  Whether it’s 3rd Party software related or device driver it can reap havoc.  Not having the properly installed device drivers or incorrectly installing software can cause major computer issues. Also, malicious virus codes of course can also modify the performance of any operating system and cause it to crash.


Blue Screening

Can be related to many problems but memory is very common. Physical memory or RAM can be tested and ruled.  Using a very basic free tool like MemTester can work.  Just be sure to boot from a  CD and let it run.  Memory sticks can be bad or sometimes the memory slot on the motherboard can be the issue.