Commercial clients have different installation requirements than our residential customers, so it stands to reason that we would offer a variety of Audio Visual | System Design Installations for our commercial clients across Long Island. Whether you have a large business that requires an AV installation on various floors, or a smaller business with fewer installation needs, Techsonduty can assist you.

We have an abundance of experience in installing audio systems in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and it’s our job to ensure the completion of high-quality installations for our commercial clients. We will recommend products and solutions that will work optimally for your business.


What Does An Audio Visual Installation Consist Of

A well-executed audio and visual installation has the potential to change how a business oversees its operations, connects its employees, and approaches growth. A/V experts are capable of transforming any space, but particularly rooms dedicated to conferencing, teaching or monitoring. And an established A/V professional doesn’t just provide the equipment, either, as they offer total A/V solutions that include long-term support post-setup. This ensures that every client, from schools to Fortune 500 companies, get the most from their technology.


Audio Visual | System Design

What does an audio and visual installation typically consist of?

A/V projects are highly varied in scope and purpose, but there are a handful of upgrades that companies and institutions often make. Some of them include:

  • Digital displays – The foundation of all communications is information delivery, and crisp, high-quality displays ensure this information is delivered the right way. Displays can go anywhere, from meeting rooms, to public spaces on a university campus. They can present graphics, animation, slideshows, announcements, schedules and other elements, and can be altered remotely with a single button press. This makes them a critical element in large-scale communications.
  • Conferencing technology – An audio and visual conferencing installation allows companies and organizations to reach people around the world. A comprehensive conferencing solution makes remote interfacing possible, providing a pragmatic and effective alternative to meeting in person. Conferencing technology, which consists of digital displays, cameras, microphones and speakers, can greatly reduce travel costs and improve client and partner relationships.
  • Interactive displays or whiteboards – Classrooms and meeting rooms can benefit greatly from interactive whiteboards, which transmit images from a computer desktop to the display. Interactive whiteboards give teachers and presenters precise control over the display, allowing them to quickly filter through lots of information and use new tools to better engage their audience. For example, an interactive display can allow students to answer math problems delivered by a piece of software, or meeting members can be polled anonymously for input.
  • Video walls, control room displays and surveillance technology – An A/V expert can combine multiple displays into a single wall, either for artistic, information, or monitoring purposes. Surveillance technology, for example, utilizes a series of cameras and other input devices to monitor a larger area. Each of these input devices can be tied to an output display in a command room, giving monitoring personnel the ability to observe multiple feeds at once.

While these are the standard audio and visual installation projects, an expert like TechsonDuty can adapt A/V technology to any client’s needs. This means mixing and matching technology to setup the desired infrastructure, as well as testing the system’s performance and providing ongoing technical support should there be any concerns. A/V technology, after all, can seem daunting to work with, but Data Projections works with all of their clients until they are confident in maximizing their new system, and beyond.