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Onsite IP PBX

If your Long Island business is looking to have all the functionality as a traditional PBX, but don’t want to shoulder the expense of having to own and maintain an expensive piece of switching equipment yourself, then you may want to consider a Onsite IP PBX solution.

By going with a onsite on-premise system, you allow for business continuity, increased productivity anytime, anywhere. You can expected increased functionality, and ease of mind as management is done off-site. Plus the ability to not have to focus on cost expenditures or depreciation of equipment allows you to focus on what really counts – growing your business.

IP Systems

You want your business to grow exponentially. You also want the peace of mind that your infrastructure systems will grow along with your business. Whether your business needs more phones in its current location, or has satellite offices around the country – an IP system gives you more flexibility over a proprietary system. There is no need to have a separate system from your data network, no need to have expensive analog desk phones, and no need to rewire your proprietary system to accommodate offices changes. Give us a call today for a free phone system evaluation 516-360-0757.

  • Onsite IP PBX Installations
  • Latest IP phones such as grandstream, cisco, mitel, etc.
  • Full PBX system features
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  • Hybrid VOIP/Analog systemsl